Meet your 2018/2019 CBSC

The Cambridge Business School Club’s 13 representatives come from all around the world and a variety of different backgrounds. But if you read our hopes for the year, you’ll see a common thread: we want to make sure every MBA and MFin has the year of their life! Without further delay, please meet your 2018-2019 CBSC team!

Paula Ambrogi, President

  • Founded 3 tech start-ups (2 failed)
  • Am a HUGE football fan
  • When I was 6, my mother persuaded me to dance ballet for 6 months in order to play football (after she saw the ballet show she sadly admitted ballet was not my thing, and I played football ever since).
  • Why Cambridge? I’ve been here before and loved it. The architecture and history of this place, as well as the academic prestige make it the right place to study and network, among beautiful buildings.
  • Why CBSC? It’s the opportunity to do my best for everyone to have a great year (academically and socially).

Terry O’Neill, Co-President

  • I grew up in Chicago but spent the last 5 years in Connecticut.
  • I’ve spent my professional career within the US healthcare industry – managing 30+ person teams, relationships with key clients (Nasdaq, Microsoft, etc), and multi-million dollar projects
  • I’ve been to 30+ countries and have nearly been arrested in four of them…it wasn’t my fault
  • My goal at Cambridge is to take a year to explore new geographies, perspectives, and industries, in order to better determine the trajectory of my personal and professional path
  • I am on CBSC to ensure that everyone feels like a part of the Judge family and is able to maximize the benefits of her/his time in Cambridge.

Taylor Belchak, Social Chair

  • I grew up in Connecticut (USA), but lived in California for 8 years, and more recently lived in New York City for the last 4 years.
  • Before coming to Cambridge, I was working at Google’s New York office as a Product Operations Manager for their mobile app advertising product.
  • Fun fact! I was a cheerleader for most of my life and even cheered at a (US) nationally televised Bowl Game (American Football) my senior year in College.
  • While I enjoyed my job and Google, I was more than ready for a change! I joined the Cambridge MBA with the hope of building up my business know-how, learning about other industries outside of digital advertising, and expanding my global network.

Nic Bryant, Social Chair

  • Studied stem cell biology & ran a pub in during college.
  • Worked advising hospitality companies on how to transform their operations using data.
  • Considers bread and butter a dessert.
  • At Cambridge to meet wonderful, brilliant folks from around the world and explore new ideas & industries.
  • On CBSC to cross the streams by bringing the whole class together through social events, and by encouraging everyone else to do the same.

Laura Ranney, Partners Chair

  • Grew up in Kodiak, Alaska and have lived in Boston, Las Vegas, and New York before Cambridge.
  • Spent the past six years working in the hospitality/restaurant industry.
  • Have an awesome cat named Mercy.
  • As partner’s chair, I didn’t come to Cambridge for my MBA, but I hope to spend this year exploring unique Cambridge experiences and getting to know everyone in the program, especially the partners!

Atiq Zaki, Communications

  • Grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Spent four years working with a capital market regulator before moving to Accenture as a contract lawyer
  • In an alternate reality, I would be a theme park reviewer or a Broadway star, or maybe both.
  • What I want to accomplish in Cambridge: To do every cliché Cambridge thing so that I’ll leave this place with no regrets
  • I am on CBSC to show the world how amazing Cambridge Judge Business School is through Judge’s social media presence

Sean Sullinger, Communications

  • Grew up in California and have spent the past 12 years in Washington, DC
  • Spent the past 3 years as a marketing director for a healthcare consulting firm
  • Afraid of octopuses and steamrollers
  • I am here at Cambridge to expand my skillset beyond marketing and functional management, and do so around an interesting and international group of people
  • I am on CBSC to promote engagement among and between students – if everyone knows a bit more about each other by the end, I will have done my job.

 Dani Richards, Sports Chair

Wes Chow, Sports Chair

Hunter Sims, SIG Chair

  • Born and raised in southern Indiana
  • Spent last year working in microfinance in Rwanda
  • Love musicals
  • My Cambridge MBA goal is to dive deeper into work in emerging market finance, particularly PE or VC in the majority world (e.g. sub-saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.)
  • I am on CBSC to enhance SIGs capacity to fulfill respective goals by providing deep support of fundraising & communication & light-touch administration where needed.

Karen Dai, Treasurer

Mohan Ma, MBA Alumni Chair

  • I grew up in China and lived in the US for eight years.
  • I work on strategic planning and investment optimisation as a senior manager in financial service industry.
  • I have always been passionate about philanthropy; I want everything I do to have a social impact – so here I am in Cambridge!
  • I came to Cambridge to transfer my career from Finance to Social Impact, and to improve my skill set and to find the right career path in the social sector.
  • As an alumni chair, I want to work with a group of talented people and leverage what I know to form better connections between Alumni and students. Challenges keep us moving forward.

Divyat Rungta, MFin Alumni Chair

  • Lived my first 5 years in Japan before moving to India in 2000
  • Spent the past year working with my dad on India-entry advisory for global firms
  • Have visited 30+ countries
  • Here at Cambridge to quench my academic thirst and meet folks from across the globe
  • I am on CBSC to promote a cohesive JBS cohort to maximise peer to peer learning