CJBS 2018 Secret Snowflake

Monday @ TBD

England, United Kingdom

Buy Tickets £15 Max

Venue Info

undefined Trumpington Street
United Kingdom
01223 339700
01223 339700

Whether you want to get to know your classmates just a bit better, you fancy yourself an amazing gift giver, or you just need a bit more of that holiday spirit in your life, you should be a part of the 2018 CBSC Secret Snowflake!

Never done a secret snowflake before? No problem; it’s easy! Sign up and we’ll give you one name of a member of your class. Don’t tell them! Just get them a gift (£15 max) and give it to them on the thirteenth. Don’t worry; someone will be getting you a gift as well!

It’s a great way to spread the spirit of giving and make some new friends (or learn more about the ones you already have).

Sign up to give a gift here by Dec. 3!