Say hello to your new CBSC Committee!

Congratulations to the newly elected CBSC Board. Learn more about them at the “Committee” page.

  • President:                                            Thales De Paula
  • Co-president:                                     Nalin Mittal
  • Treasurer:                                            Yuan Gao
  • Social Chairs (x2):                            Alissa Poloumieva & Sohail Jain
  • Sports Chairs (x2):                           Mikkel Tolnaes & Kika Welvaart
  • SIG Chair:                                            Ainsley McPherson
  • Communications Chairs (x2):      Vivian (Siyu) Li & Anthony Stal
  • Partners’ Chair:                                 Elena Lirosi
  • MBA Alumni Chair:                           Xiaomin chew
  • MFin Alumni Chair:                          Pearl Nyaosi

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