Welcome new CBSC Committee

Welcome to the new CBSC Committee! An awesome year ahead set to bring bigger and better events to all students at Cambridge Judge Business School. Our Committee Members are:

  • Elesse D. Eddy | Co-president
    e: ede21@cam.ac.uk
  • Richard Joonho Hwang | Co-president
    e: jh927@cam.ac.uk
  • Lars Heck | Treasurer
    e: lh495@cam.ac.uk
  • Prateek Trehun | Communications Chair
    e: pt357@cam.ac.uk
  • Jacqui Gilbert | Communications Chair
    e: jpg58@cam.ac.uk
  • Rebeccah Janovich | MBA Alumni Chair
    e: rej39@cam.ac.uk
  • Veena R-Sankaranarayan | MFin Alumni Chair 
    e: vr289@cam.ac.uk
  • David Brassard | Sports Chair
    e: db616@cam.ac.uk
  • Marguerite Cornu | Sports Chair
    e: mc868@cam.ac.uk
  • Nataliya Kozak | Social Chair
    e: nk423@cam.ac.uk
  • Neil Simpson | Social Chair
    e: ns584@cam.ac.uk
  • Peter Knowles | Social Chair
    e: pdk26@cam.ac.uk
  • Susana Ng | Partners Social Chair
    e: email.susana@gmail.com
  • Andrew Quan | Student Interest Groups Chair
    e: apq21@cam.ac.uk

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